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Google Research ExploreCSR Autonomous Robotics Project

GoogleCSR Autonomous Robot Exploration at Fordham University From February 22, 2021 - April 23, 2021. Autonomous Vehicle Exploration Project Internship under the supervision of Dr. Damien Lyons at Fordham University in the tri-state Explore Computer Science Research program. Using Robot Operating System (ROS) on Ubuntu Linux to create an autonomous vehicle algorithm to map a 2 dimensional area

  • ROS
  • GMapping
  • Python
  • Ubuntu

Car Accident Analysis of zip code 10458

I Chose this project because I was curious about the time frame of when most accidents occur. I also love cars as well. I found the data set on the NYC Open Data website at https://data.cityofnewyork.us/Public-Safety/NYPD-Motor-Vehicle-Collisions-Crashes/h9gi-nx95 The data set was filtered to only used the data from the Bronx only from 2014 to the present date (2021). Then that dataset was further filtered to include only data from the 10458 zip code.

  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebooks

Artificial Intelligence Final Project

A.I Class Real estate price prediction final project

  • Python
  • Jupyter NoteBook
  • Google Colab

Wifi Chat Application

Networking systems wifi chat application

  • JAVA
  • TCP/IP

Duvall Pinkney XR Project1

XR Project made in VR class

  • C#
  • Unity

Software Engineering Project

Software Engineering project for Software engineering class.

  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • CSS

I worked with these different types of Technology.

I have worked with a huge range of technologies over the course of the years.

  • Front-End

    Experience with React.js, Javascript, JSX, HTML and CSS

  • Andriod Programming

    Experience with using Android Studio and using JAVA.

  • Java Programming

    Experience with Using JAVA programming language

  • Python Programming

    Experience with Using Python programmin Language for Artificial intelligence Projects and Data Science projects.

  • ROS (Robot Operating System)

    Experience with ROS and python scripting for programming autonmous robot

  • Other Programming Lanaguages

    Experience with C/C++, and C#

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Experience with Python, google colab and Jupyter notebook.

  • Data Science

    Experience with using Python and jupyter notebook.

  • Software Engineering

    Experience with different software engineering methods and life cycles.

  • Digital Electronics

    Experience with electronics and electrical circuits

  • Database Systems

    Experience with mySQL and SQL developer

  • Gazebo and Gmapping

    Experience with Gazebo similation and gmapping with the mapping software for autonomous robotics.

  • Operating Systems

    Experience with Windows xp, 7, 8, 10, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu

  • Braking Systems

    Experience with Automotive Braking Systems

  • Electrical Systems

    Experience with Automotive Electrical Systems.

  • Heating and Airconditioning Systems

    Experience with Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.

  • Automatic transmissions and trans-axle Systems

    Experience with Automatic transmissions and trans-axle Systems.

  • Manual Transmissions and trans-axle Systems

    Experience with Manual Transmissions and trans-axle Systems.

  • Engine Repair

    Experience with Engine Repair.

  • Engine Performance

    Experience with Engine Performance.

  • Diesel Engines

    Experience Diesel Engines.

About Me

I am an incoming first semester Junior Majoring in Computer engineering/Electrical Engineering. I graduated from Lehman College majoring in Computer Science in september of 2022.Looking for a company to start my career. Some of the skills. I'm great at are problem-solving, working well with others, multi-tasking, organization, fast learning, and creative thinking. In addition, I've earned an Associate's Degree from Bronx community college in automotive technology. ASE-5339-2835

* High School Diploma and Regents Diploma (2004) * Associate in Apllied Science Degree in Automotive technology (2014) * Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science (2022)